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Take Your Business to Page One with Our Practical SEO Checklist for SMEs [Infographic]

As a small business owner, having an effective SEO strategy can lead to sustainable growth. We've created a practical SEO checklist to help you get started on the right track.

Clark Lai

October 2, 2018 (last updated: May 14, 2019)

Search has become the primary way for consumers to make purchasing decisions. More than ever, customers rely on search as a valuable resource for the different stages of the purchasing journey.

If a customer cannot find a business online, it simply does not exist to them. Having a strategic SEO plan is no longer optional, it is a necessary part of every business’s marketing strategy. Implementing high quality SEO takes time, dedication, and patience. However, the benefits are many:

Cost-effective way to increase traffic

Higher conversion rates

Better user experience (UX) for your customers

Extend your business’s online reach

Create a competitive edge

In the beginning, incorporating a SEO strategy can seem daunting. SEO strategies can quickly become a complex system of technologies and processes.

Instead of attempting to cover every piece of the SEO pie (note: it is impossible), our team has created a practical SEO checklist for SMEs. Our aim is to provide a realistic SEO strategy by highlighting just the most important factors of a successful SEO strategy. In our experience, a practical SEO strategy that can actually be applied consistently will be more successful in the long run.

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