Two Mann

“In a visual-forward industry, quality and portfolio performance can be the difference between a decision to view and engage or close and forget.”

Over a decade of documentary photography, Erika and Lanny Mann have built two world-renowned brands: Two Mann Studios and Manns Around the World. Both brands have amassed significant followings and recognition yet each respective brand’s followers were isolated and unaware of the other. In collaboration with Atom Studios, the new site was restructured to engage followers of both brands, in one location, providing exposure to untapped markets. Further enriched by speed and site performance optimization, the enhanced experience doubled user retention and increased site engagement overall. A comprehensive SEO strategy increased organic search traffic by 50% and lowered the bounce rate by 73%. Attracting the right users and delivering a high-impact experience, Two Mann Studios brings their mastery of light and shadow to a whole new level.

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