Harris Kuipers

“Beautifully-made, ethically-sourced, sustainable clothing that inspires unapologetic-individuality, confidence and elegance. Full circle fashion. When you’re done with it, send it back and they’ll repurpose it.”

Harris Kuipers is delivering a unique style and wellbeing experience to women as they approach their 50s and beyond. Their mission is to design and curate ethically-sourced, sustainable products that inspire individual freedom and confidence. Along the way, founders and friends, Laura Harris and Shelley Kuipers are assembling a network of kick-ass, ever-evolving women. The clothing line is designed on Canada’s west coast and only uses sustainable textiles and production methods. Building the visual identity and digital brand experience, a key challenge was to embody and communicate everything the brand stands for while making sustainability relevant and the easy choice. The experience was built on Shopify infrastructure in preparation for the inaugural launch of their first capsule in Fall 2019.

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