Connected Musical Following

“Quickly building a following and attracting new audiences, CMF was longing for a voice of its own to be universally recognized and celebrated across continents.”

Paying homage to CMF’s central theme of connection, the circle was a key element carried throughout, building towards a powerful red symbol utilized across digital and print.

Just as pupils of Connected Musical Following mesmerize onlookers on dance floors and beaches across Canada and Europe, our challenge was to help CMF mesmerize the onlookers of the digital realm.

Motiv has designed a bold brand identity and created an arsenal of promotional graphics for events, classes, and festivals. CMF’s new design system features a dynamic dance of colours and font families that were designed for strong impact and easy recognition. The aesthetic boldness of the duotone palette nods to the simultaneous clash of contrast and harmony of dance partners. CMF’s identity is distinct in the dance community, giving a unique voice to its followers.

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