AI Writer

“Often missing from artificial intelligence is the human touch. Taking a neoclassical approach exhibits both the modernity of the technology and the brand’s affable persona.”

AI Writer is an intelligent content research tool. Feeding AI Writer a desired headline generates an information rich research report or an originally written article with all cited sources. The platform’s thoroughness and accuracy affirms the world of possibilities yet to come with AI powered technology. Based in Germany, the state-of-the-art technology company needs to abide by strict laws, including GDPR, while providing a universally accessible experience to its international clientele. Motiv has designed a brand identity and digital presence which promotes the platform’s human touch that is often missing from artificial intelligence. A major challenge for the team was making AI Writer stand out amidst the hype of all other AI enabled platforms. The palette and site design both feature corporate undertones with artistic elements to encourage human connection with its users. AI Writer’s core platform is scheduled for release in Fall 2019.

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